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Surviving cancer

Let´s take a look at the statistics

According to the statistics of, in 2010-2014 approx. 30 630 people fell ill with cancer in Finland each year, and of thoase approx. 11 907, i.e. approx. 39%, died.

Only marginal improvement can be seen in the number of deaths from cancer in 30 years. The figure has been all the time more or less 40%. So, almost 50 % of cancer patients die. According to the statistics everyone who has lived with it for more than 5 years is cured, even though they would die after that. The actual mortality rate is so bigger than in the statistics.

However, the number of affected in each age group has increased. As much as 50 % of Americans get cancer. There being overweight is a worse risk factor than in Finland. On the other hand, we are also getting more overweight all the time.

Cancer treatments are extremely heavy, expensive, and they often make people bald and tired. Fear of death is always present.

Hundreds of billions have been poured into cancer studies in the last 50 years, but the results are meager. The whole time we have been given to understand that the solution for cancer is just around the corner. Well, it wasn’t there.

Lifestyle can effectively prevent cancer. According to prof. Piippo’s excellent book there are 18 herbs or seasonings that prevent cancer. There are also other medicinal plants that can be used to treat cancer.

The imbalance of potassium and sodium in the body is a risk factor.

The recommended level of vitamin D in the blood is 120-150 nM (requires at least 100 mcg doses / day), and that already has a preventive effect. If the value is 150-250 nM, the probability of cancer is even smaller and the healing process is accelerated.

Those who eat a lot of antioxidants and fibers have fewer cancers. A good immune response is a clear protective factor.

The bioactive agent produced by broccoli sprouts has been found to be a good cancer preventer.

Getting rid of infections (gums, intestines, genital area, osteoarthritis, obesity) in the body prevents cancer.