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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Ways to keep the brain healthy

The brain is tissue the conditions of which vary depending on lifestyle choices

Hazardous choices degenerate the brain faster, whereas the wise brain health enthusiast can maintain the brain in good shape up to a long life.

The obvious things that degenerate brain health are poor sleep, constant stress, lack of use of the brain, lack of exercise, junk entertainment, too much stimuli, heavy metals, and alcohol. In addition to these there are other factores that are not so well known.

In order to remain healthy the brain vitally needs Omega fats 1-2 g / day, lots of (100-200 mcg) of vitamin D, phospholipids, magnesium, an even and reasonable blood sugar level, and good intestinal health.

The same high blood sugar that makes you fat, also degenerates the brain. Therefore, Alzheimer's disease is called the type three diabetes.

Intestinal inflammations, which are very common nowadays, can also cause memory diseases.

An important but poorly recognized brain-degenerative factor is sitting in a poor position, the head leaning forward so that it tightens the neck muscles. The circulation in the major vessels in the head deteriorates, causing a risk to brain health.

This can be prevented by sitting on a swinging saddle chair in a good posture and having exercise breaks during sitting.

Also pillows that press the neck cause a same kind of risk. The solution is a pilow that is of a reasonable size and robust enough, and that does not press the neck at all.

Brain degeneration is called ARABDES (Age Related Attitude and Brain Degeneration Syndrome) which may begin, at worst, even in the early thirties. If ARABDES-workers need to do tasks that require consideration they are almost useless because of their attitude and mental control, and because their learning and absorbing skills are already weak or non-existent.

Unfortunately, the corruption of our lifestyles and pleasure-centred living increases the amount of ARABDES-persons and makes this syndrome appear earlier in life.