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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Too little exercise makes muscles vanish. What to do?

Rapidly spreading new-helplessness and slackness also reduce the amount of exercise.

Children are taken to school in different ways so that they do not need to walk or ride a bike. At the time of the soap operas the common sports facilities are empty.

In addition to the loss of muscle, memory, and self-consciousness, the stomachs grow and men's testosterones fail.

A fat kid does not exercise. Some middle-aged people are still desperately trying to lose weight by exercising, but when it does not succeed, they give up gradually.

We have created a society where overweight and/or poor fitness is becoming the prevailing norm.

Direction could be changed:

Effective health education in schools, physical education to include happy learning about the techniques of different sports.

The right for companies to deduct all costs promoting their staff's physical activity in accounting and taxation

Sports facilities and routes to be built in every village.

Fat people do not exercise, so the obesity culture must also be fixed:

A strict tax on junk food and sugar, and the degradation of the prices for healthy foods by the same amount.

Maternity clinics must be developed to be able to health-educate young families. All training for food preparation staff must be updated and made more health-functional. Food standards for schools and care homes etc. to be made better. The dependencies of official health experts, the health care cluster and the food industry must be terminated.

The most effective way for the people to be healthier would be a health insurance / tax system where, for example, a 5% health tax would be reduced by up to 1% if you can present the taxpayer with fresh and self-acquired certificates of good health; fat percentage, oxygen uptake, liver test results, and blood pressure would suffice.