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Nutrition therapy for irritable bowel syndrome

If fiber only comes from cereal, the situation is not good.

We eat fiber only 13 g / day while the level for good intestinal health would be 50 g / 1000 kcal.

Everyone knows this: you feel peckish and have a sandwich, and in 2 hours you are hungry again. Blood sugar has gone too high because starch became sugar in the intestine. When blood sugar is getting low, the body craves more. This way one usually gains weight. Pasta meals have the same effect. There is too little good fat, protein, and fiber.

Good sources of fiber are also seeds, berry products, nuts, beans, and fiber-rich vegetables (e.g. leeks, lenses, dates, figs). They have a lot of nutrients and fiber.

Superior treatment for IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) is fiber-rich smoothies. Add banana, sugar-free prunes, natural berries and berry powders, chaga mushroom tea, olive oil, and intestinally healthy spices to well-soaked (12-20 h) chia, flax or hemp seeds.Mix in a strong blender so that the berry seeds break.

If you eat 3-5 dl of this kind of “therapeutical smoothie” slowly "chewing" (saliva!) in the morning and afternoon you avoid all cleansed carbohydrates and everything else you know to irritate your stomach, such as additives and bad, i.e. hot-processed vegetable fats, and drink enough water you will get healthier very soon. Sauerkraut and organic yoghurt (sugar-free) also help to restore bacterial balance.

Take a lot of vitamin D (100-200 mcg) and Omega3 (2 g); Zn, Mg, I, Se and Cu are also a must.

In the course of a year, the intestine is usually good or much better. Cortisone and antibiotics do not help but make situation worse.