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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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How to stay healthy while travelling

I have travelled for tens of years and today I travel more than 50 days

I'm almost always healthy and energetic.

The most important thing about remaining healthy is prevention. In addition to the strongest lactic acid bacteria (450 mrd/dose) have your own fiber supplement to keep the level of fiber in 100 g like you have at home, then your immune defense, i.e. intestine, is in optimum condition. If the intestinal function is slow, resistance will fail because the bacteria producing immune defense proteins lives on fiber.

In fact, I'm really careful about food hygiene. That's why I avoid abdominal infections. Often, instead of a restaurant meal, I buy antioxidant- and nutrition-rich fresh and dry fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, sugar-free yogurt and dark chocolate.

Of course, I have with me my own supplements (including Zn 20 mg, Cu 3 mg, D 150 mcg, Mg 4 x 300 mg, C 5 x 1 g, Se 200 mcg, B 12 and folic acid, 1 mg), as well as some antioxidants, to treat the oxidation stress during travelling.

The ingredients of ordinary restaurant food are mostly cheap and of low quality (especially fats) but with wise buys and supplements the body gets the nutrients that it needs to produce the about 3.500 biochemical compounds the are needed for staying healthy and energetic.

The sufficiency of sleep, which is the most important element of resistance, must be ensured by all means. In addition to travelling stress, the time difference often causes extra problems. At hotels I cover the window so that the room stays pitch black until morning. Early bedtime and exercise and other relaxation activities before it will help you to go into healthy sleep. Don’t what TV, it worsens the quality of sleep.

Exercise that is essential for body functions can be handled e.g. by walking and taking stairs instead of a lift or escalator.

Get rid of stress or strain in a spa or have a massage in the evening, instead of spending unhealthy time drinking in a restaurant.