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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Health advice for air travellers

Advice from an experienced traveller

On air travel the same side or the body is under pressure all the time while sitting which is extremely uncomfortable and also unhealthy. Exercising while sitting does not help because it does not get fluid flows going on the back of the body.

It is imperative for an air traveller to get up once an hour, walk in the corridor, exercise, stretch and drink a glass of water. Still, there is hardly any liquid in the body left for pee because of flying drying.

You should eat your own fibers for the intestinal wellbeing in addition to other food and take them with you because the meals on airplanes are of low quality.

You should wear very loose and warm clothes and preferably without underwear. Loose sandals without socks are the best shoes for air travelling.

Only if the fluid flow mechanism has already been damaged in the lower limbs (legs swell easily or have varicose veins) you can try compression socks. For a healthy person the afore-mentioned means are sufficient. Compression socks do not improve the fluid circulation (on the contrary), but simply through unnatural compression prevent fluid from flowing into the feet.

If the journey is long and the plane is not full you should immediately after boarding boldly reserve three empty seats in a row, thus securing valuable place for sleeping.