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Should children be kept in shade or inside because of the fear of cancer

According to a British study those who are hardly ever in the sun get melanoma most often

On the other hand, a Swedish study of 25 000 people shows that the ones who got most sun or used solarium most often had the lowest overall mortality rate (subjects were divided into four groups) and least cancer, although slightly more skin cancer.

The researchers concluded that vitamin D and other healthy lifestyle choides of the sun worshippers form a protective agent.

We now know that sunlight in reasonably doses is good for mood, eyes, brain (multiple areas activate there) and overall health due to vitamin D.

The skin of those staying mostly inside and constantly protecting themselves does not develop such a structure that it could withstand sun, cold or insect bites, but remains thin and over, summer and allergy sensitive throughout life. The tolerance treatment for skin must obviously be done since childhood, bearing in mind the unbreakable biological truth "Use it or loose it".

It has also been noted that people who do not often burn themselves but stay in the sun a lot and live and eat healthily avoiding nutrition deficiencies do not get any skin or other cancers.

So, burning is bad but sunbathing and living outdoors is good, and especially together with healthy nutrition, supplement and other good lifestyle habits.

This also applies to children. Put them out as much as possible with as little clothes as possible, especially during summer time.