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How to dress children for outdoors

To over-dress children and protect them from sunlight is harmful

Anyway it is more damaging than to toughen and get used to different conditions, even if the child would be a bit cold. It is also healthy for children to get large temperature changes on the body surface. If the child's immunity system is alright, he does not get sick because of a momentary cold before playing and running warm up the body again.

Parents’ attitude of excessive protection creates over-dressed bundles, for whom it is difficult to move and even a little effort causes sweating. If they are lightly dressed they will run around and keep warm on the move. The parents' own helplessness is therefore the reason for dressing their children in the wrong way.

The biggest mistake is to wear too much clothes under the outdoors overall. If there is only a simple underwear overall, the outdoors overall is loose enough for the child to run and play, which should always be possible.

Heavy and too warm shoes on children's feet also make them passive because they are heavy.

Scarfs are quite unnecessary. It is enough to pull up the zipper.

The hat should have a loop, so the hat is always there, at least hanging on the backside if it’s too hot to wear it.

The biggest mistake in killing children's exercise is made by parents who hardly exercise, are overweight and often cold because of hypothyroidism, and who don’t understand the needs of a healthy child to move and toughen.