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Will memory disease cheer you up

Critical comment to a narrow view of memory diseases

Background: Article in a Finnish newspaper about a research that states that people with memory disease will not get so easily bored and things seem new to them because they don’t remember having done them before.

This "research" has completely ignored the fact that people with memory problems are generally very anxious in their lives about how they can do all the  chores, remember names, and cope at work and in situations that require life-management, etc. They are also all the time worried about whether others will notice their memory disease and are afraid of becoming underrated or rejected.

The present study focuses on only one narrow and typically American consumer-centered perspective. Well-functioning brain and memory have millions of uses in working life and at retirement in making life rewarding, exciting, enjoyable, creative etc.

Of course, the pharmaceutical industry loves to follow trends in which the number of memory-impaired people increases explosively in order to sell them expensive but ineffective medicines. At the same time, it also belittles prevention and self-care.

People could effectively prevent and even block memory disorders easily by themselves.

The following things work effectively together: even and healthy blood sugar level with e.g. low-carb diet, high amounts of vitamin D (100 mcg), Omega3 fat (2 g), Mg (4 x 300 mcg), Se to remove aluminum and other poisons from the brain (200 mcg), Berberine and Karnosin supplements. Cellphone exposure is also minimized.

In addition, sleeping needs to made optimal with a quality program, exercise (3 days / day, best are dancing, ball games, swimming, group activities, gardening), spending time in forest (earth bacteria), music, dancing, sex, humor, cultural experiences, creative activities (speeches, writing, playing an instrument) and sauna (4 days / week) – all this alone reduces the risk of memory problems by more than 60%.

A very effective boost of energy levels is a partial fasting 5 + 2 or a restriction of eating time for about 9 hours a day.