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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Here`s an easy way to get yourself in better shape with ease

Begin to eat a lot of good nutritional supplements to avoid nutritional deficiencies in the body, which in turn makes you crave junk food.

I recommend the following set: Vitamin D 100 mcg, Omega3 1 g, multivitamin so many pills that you get it 200 mcg, Iodine 150 mcg, lots of vitamin B, Mg 2 x 300 mg, Zn 20 mg, Cu 3 mg. Eat chromium (Cr) 300 mcg to avoid craving sweet; nourishing dark chocolate also helps in this.

If you get tired, swollen and cold, you may be suffering from a common thyroid deficiency that can be effectively treated with nutrition.

Ready-made food are not a good solution. Their raw materials can be really old, they have additives that help them to keep but are not healthy, and also salt, sugar, and a lot of unhealthy and inflammatory heat-extracted cheap industrial oils.

Eat at home nut (walnut is best) - raisin (these max 25%) mix, delicious fruits, fresh vegetables, organic yogurt into which you can add dark / raw chocolate crunch, etc. To all smoothies you can add a generous dose of cold pressed olive / flax / hemp oil to add healthy good fat, taste and nutrition.

At home, a good blender makes it possible to make all kinds of smoothies with soiled seeds (chia, flax, hemp), fruits, berries, algae powder, oils and healthy spices (turmeric, ginger, oregano, cinnamon, rosemary, garlic).

Omelets are healthy power food that should be made with plenty of onion, oil, butter, spices and good salt.

Lots of fiber, good fats, lots of nutrients in the food, complementary supplements and avoiding empty calories are the key to a new life.