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Super bacteria is better controlled by lifestyle than by vaccinations

Various inflammatory conditions are becoming more common all the time, due to the deterioration of health on the national level.

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We suffer from osteoarthritis and obesity and many have gathered extra fat around the waist which causes inflammations. Many have poor fluid circulation in the lower limbs, inflammations in the intestines and genital area, and gingivitis caused by poor oral hygiene. The editorial in Helsingin Sanomat emphasized that the best way to prevent inflammations is through vaccinations. None of the above-mentioned inflammatory conditions can or should be fought off by vaccinations.

It would be sensible public health policy to understand the importance of effective prevention as a way to diminish healthcare expenses. By political decisions we could reduce inflammations almost for free and thus prevent super bacteria from spreading. A poor immune response together with poor physical fitness will predispose many to fatal and deadly super bacteria already in the next few years.

Pay attention to your lifestyle and take supplements

The immune response can be kept active with healthy lifestyle; that also effectively prevents cancer. To achieve this one only needs to follow low carbohydrate diet to achieve the ideal weight, exercise four hours a week, go to bed by 10 pm and sleep for 7-8 hours, eat nutritious food, and take supplements. One can also benefit a lot from new kind of ergonomics that enhances fluid circulation and increases body activity.

Nutritional supplements are needed because a healthy diet does not guarantee optimum nutrition for a typical office worker because their energy consumption level is low. Generally, we get too little vitamins D, E, B12, B6 and B9, magnesium, selenium, zinc, copper, iodine and chromium. We also usually eat too little fiber.

The intestines play the key role

As a biohacker I also want to emphasize that by eating slowly and chewing the food properly we can increase the absorption of nutrients and reduce the extra energy intake. In addition to mechanical digestion, another important function of the gastrointestinal tract is to maintain the body's defense system against pathogens. Those who are sitting a lot at work should pay attention to good posture because it maintains the forwarding movement in the intestines thus making the flow quicker. This is very important to intestinal health and immune resistance.

Let’s take care of ourselves too

We have already reacted to the situation of domestic animals and pets. There are not enough nutrients in the food we get from our impoverished soil, and therefore livestock breeders are also providing their animals with the essential nutritional supplements. Dog owners, for example, take care of the welfare of their pet by providing such food and nutritional supplements that the beloved family member gets all the necessary nutrients. It is time for us to start taking proper care also of ourselves by improving our lifestyles thoroughly and persistently.

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