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Drugs for PMS?

NSAIDs are not a sensible choice for PMS symptoms.

It is a question of an imbalance of the "hormone orchestra" in which "play" the thyroid, adrenal gland, pituitary, ovaries, parathyroid gland, part of the pancreas, thymus, and pineal gland.

Very many women have thyroid and intestinal inflammatory syndrome that often includes other hormone producers. It is purely caused by one’s lifestyle. Thus, changing lifestyle habits will make the problem disappear.

Eating medications for days every month is absurd, especially when they become addictive and they destroy good intestinal bacteria that play an important role in many things, e.g., in the formation of immune response.

The most important lifestyle change is the change of diet: eat dense, nutritious food and sensible nutritional supplements. There are so-called nutritional advisors who are able to give individual advice, also about the laboratory tests that are worth taking to get to the bottom of the problem.

Adding exercise is almost always included. Sauna and sex have almost always a balancing effect.

Good sleep is also essential, and there is a great deal to be done to improve it.

The lack of steroid hormone vitamin D is involved in many hormonal disorders.

Safe and organic means are available for PMS so that nobody needs to be dependent on drugs that don’t work properly and have multiple side effects.