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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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Does eating summer treats make you fat?

The statement that all calories are equal is based on the old belief that a calorie is calorie, and as long as you count calories and do not exceed your consumption, you stay lean and healthy.

This has proved unambiguously to be wrong, and if you look around at your neighbors' bodies you must agree.

Everyone that lives on ready-made food (that includes sugar), fast food, sugary drinks, sweet snacks or even mainly on bread will get fat before the age of 50, as all of these foods raise blood sugar to the level at which insulin binds energy into fat.

This would not be a problem if the burning of fat back into energy would be as effortless. But when the blood sugar falls down again one gets hungry and eats more, and the fat that was previously bound will remain largely in storage.

Only a person who follows a low carbohydrate (VHH) diet, eats a lot of good fats and who has taught his body to burn fats to energy (for example, having a long pause between eating in the evening and morning), remains lean and healthy until old age.

Also included in the picture are intestinal bacteria. The bacteria of those who eat fast carbohydrate is quite different from that of the eater of VHH / fats. However, one should also eat a lot of fiber.

The different kinds of bacteria in the carb eater’s intestine will make noise if they do not get their favorite food. That's why the host / hostess eats carbs and feels good. That is why changing one’s diet is very difficult.

Changing eating habits requires information, time for a radical change, change of bacteria, and several weeks of exercise before it starts to get easier.