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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Bad stress is in control, even though good stress also exists

Stress is latently disastrous in modern life, and people are poorly aware of this.


Modern entertainment in the media is fast-moving, noisy and pervasive in nature, which is strange to human psychological infrastructure and increases stress. In a way one gets used to it but it is still physically disturbing

A person who is continuously listening to pop music and following the media, and being awake mostly at night is open to over-stimulating stress, even without the flood of problems of self-esteem, work, urgency, traffic noise, and news about violence and disaster; which naturally increase stress.

It's logical that most people have stress-related disorders and illnesses.

It requires a great deal of understanding, self-discipline, choices, and organization skills to design and implement a way of life that only lets part of the stress-causing inferno to reach us.

People are constantly targets of TV broadcasts, cell phone radiation and waves, and in many places also of local network bombardment, the synergy of which we do not even know properly.

In cities, infra-red noise (under 16 herz sounds we cannot hear) is pervasive everywhere and certainly affects the human nervous system, of which there already is evidence.

Unhealthy food and eating habits cause inflammation in the body, resulting in stress and dysfunction of the organs that produce hormones; this can result in a major health and well-being problem.

Many choose in their inexperience hobbies, entertainment, work and work methods that increase stress.

Those who treat stress sufferers are familiar with the situation and are very worried about this growing public health problem.

The nature, sources and consequences of stress should be taught as part of health education.