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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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You do not need to suffer from depression, it can be cured

Depression could be effectively prevented and treated.

On my business trip to China, I just saw an info clip on the TV monitor in the subway, about the massive amount of depression in China. The things offered for treatment were the same unfunctional things we hear in Finland: chatting with people, engaging oneself in culture and entertainment.

Of course, the giant market for anti-depressants benefits from the real causes being unknown and not being dealt with.

Most commonly, depression is caused by an imbalance in the sensitive brain biochemistry due to lifestyle problems.

First, the malnourished brain must be depressed. This is easy to fix with nutrients that are essential to the brain. The second most powerful factor is too little of poor-quality sleep due to late-night entertainment and sleeping conditions that are for some reason inadequate. Tired brain will be depressed before long.

Over-stimulating and stressful life, various chemicals and harmful substances in the form of pollutants, intoxicants and medicines are also among the reasons. Blood sugar that is repeatedly too high because of junk food diet is also a cause.

Peaceful long-term exercise, and especially in nature, has a powerful therapeutic effect.

Nearly everybody who fixes their poor lifestyle and jumps off the antidepressant treadmill will notice that the symptoms begin to ease and gradually disappear. That depression is linked with one’s lifestyle is also proven by the fact that its more subtle form, being under the weather, is even more common and is suffered by those who have a shabby lifestyle and who sleep too little.

Only a really small part of the depression is due to actual mental illnesses.