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How to fight against the general lack of testosterone

One thing causing problems is the shortage of zinc.

Slight shortage is quite common, and serious shortage occurs a lot too. In addition to zinc, it is necessary to get copper about 1/7 to 1/10 of the amount of zinc so that it is absorbed.

Zinc participates in about 200 biochemical reactions in the body and is one of the most important minerals after magnesium. The zinc sulphate test available in any pharmacy can easily identify the deficiency.

Men can prevent the shortage in many different ways by their lifestyle choices. It is worth taking the starting value at an early age and keep a track of its development.

75% of testosterone is produced in testes and 25% in adrenal glands. Testicle health is therefore essential. The conditions of the testicles are usually poor: they are subjected to pressure from the thighs, clothing, and sitting, and their temperature is much above their optimal 33 degrees. In addition, conventional sitting breaks the vital flow in the vessels coming into the genitals, pressing them between the pubic bone and the chair.

A two-part saddle chair, very loose and airy underpants (the best is without underpants) and really loose trousers significantly improve testicle health. Vitamin D min. 100 mcg / day, Zn 20 mg, Cu 3 mg will help. Sauna, ice swimming, muscle training and regular sex (also solo sex) is also helpful. The so-called non-sexual erections can be prolonged by touching the penis and stressing the pelvic floor muscles; this increases testosterone production.

It is worth supporting the production of testosterone in. Even so, the iron law of biology applies: Use it or loose it.