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Can cancer be prevented by lifestyle choices?

Lifestyle choices can actually prevent over half of the cancers, you just need to know what to do.

Not wearing a bra and maintaining the vitamin D level at 120-150 nmol / l (requires more than 100 mcg / day) that is recommended by international researchers eliminates well over 50% of breast cancers. Vitamin D (steroid hormone that affects more than one thousand genes) has been found to effectively ward off up to 18 different cancers.

VHH (low carbohydrate) / glycogenic (lots of good fats, low carbons) diet keeps one slim, which generally reduces cancer risks by tens of percent, especially if you at the same time are smart enough to eat fiber 50 g / 1000 kcal. Then it is fairly certain that you will not get the quite common intestinal cancer.

Ending smoking is an effective way to prevent cancer.

Changing the diet to include lots of raw vegetarian ingredients (vegetables, fruits and especially berries) also affects the occurrence of cancer by tens of percent because vegetables counterbalance the Na / Ka ratio that in cancer patients is generally distorted.

The most common cancer, prostate cancer, can be prevented very effectively by increasing the fluid circulation in the pelvic bowl (prevents cancer also in other organs within that area) by exercising and sitting less on a regular chair, and sitting on a two-part saddle chair and wearing loose clothes around the hips.

Effective avoidance of harmful substances (PAH compounds from smoking, chemicals, poisons, heavy metals, cosmetics) significantly reduces the risk of cancer.

Interestingly, the truly effective application of these tools can have an impact on the behavior of the already existing cancers.

If needed, additional potency can be obtained from a number of cancer-preventing medicinal plants, nearly 10 of which are already known.

Unfortunately, information on the nature of cancer is rarely shared with the public. In fact, the body can be pretty easily put in such a biochemical state in which cancer does not prosper.