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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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How to achieve holistic well-being

In addition to self-discipline, there is a need for awareness that is generally lacking.

There are a lot brilliant welfare-related research available. Familiarizing oneself with these things increases motivation. Increased motivation reduces the need for self-discipline.

Well-being can be divided into physical, social, mental and spiritual well-being. One should be aware of all these areas, take care of them and maintain balance.

Our living environment has a tremendous amount of addictive commercial behavior and consumption models that worsen well-being. It is also dangerous to copy such lifestyles from other people that do the same.

Real well-being requires awareness, knowledge, self-discipline, determination, courage to be different and ability to be persevering.

Unfortunately, quite a few have all these. In most cases, people like a pack of animals, who go about without thinking, even though they think they make their own decisions. This is probably most true in China.

It is an obstacle to a broader holistic well-being that we are not encouraged towards it or taught how to do it. We talk about health care when it is really medical care. This is also due to the fact that patients are business for many, healthy people are not.

A wise government would incorporate into educational institutions and laws such content that would enhance well-being in a preventive way. Doctors who are questioned by politicians about health issues are against this kind of development because of their own ignorance, financial commitments, and the demand for their livelihoods.

Healthy exercise, low carb diet, complementary supplements, good bed that is free of ground radiation, optimization of sleep, riding-like sitting at work, loose clothing, abstinence, silence, spiritual meditation, stress-free lifestyle, helping others, and not being addicted to IT and junk entertainment are a good start for well-being.