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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Sensible actions promote the sexual health of seniors

Sex can improve brain health and that benefits the whole body.

Sexual health can also be promoted in many ways.

It's a good idea for the single people to go to some trouble to find themselves a dating partner. There are lots of places and services in that area.

Another powerful method is to know your own sexual physiology and to promote your own sexual health through it.

Vascular, brain, mental and genital health play essential roles.

Nutritious (lots of berries, vegetables, fruits) food, low carbohydrate food choices and sensible nutritional supplements are important. The level of vitamin D in blood must be 120-150 nmol (12-150 mcg D-pills / day), Omega3 2 g, 2 multivitamins. For brain health B-12 1 mg, folic acid at least 800 mcg and vitamin B-6 10 mg.

Fiber is needed for the intestinal bacteria because of the intestinal, cerebral and immune health. We should eat fiber many times over normal consumption so that the stools come twice a day and are large and soft.

From an adequate amount of nutrients, the body can produce about 3 500 vital substances for health and vitality.

Sleeping should be optimized in all possible ways (fresh air all night, no clothes, dark room also in the light season, nobody snoring in the same room, no alcohol, junk entertainment or heavy food in the evening, cell phones and electrical appliances closed). Go to bed at about 10 pm.

It is important to be able to sit in loose clothes, on a two-part saddle chair that maintains vital circulation in the genital area, as well as the healthy level of moisture and temperature.

Exercising sports also improves sexual health as well as reading sexual literature and watching sexual entertainment.

If one does not have a partner, or even if one does, solo sex is ok and maintains hormone functions.

"Use it or lose it" is definitely true here.

In addition to sex, these instructions can also significantly contribute to the general health, i.e. prevention of health problems.