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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Why the senior home care clients are in so bad shape

Home care clients could be much healthier.

The health of many collapses because their health and energy are bad due to bad lifestyles. Bread and pastry are eaten during the day with devastating consequences. Alzheimer's is called the third diabetes. Those living alone and eating a lot of high-carb snacks are very likely to get it.

Many elderly people are unnecessarily overweight and therefore diabetic, passive and arthritic. Because of the lack of protein and nutrients, their mood is bad, the brain rapidly degenerates and the intestinal tract does not work well, which further worsens the health.

The situation could be helped if their diet consisted of less carbohydrates, more vegetables, good fats, protein, and much more fibers for the health of the intestinal tract and brain health. The amount of protein is important because it is made in the body into happiness hormone serotonin.

Elderly should also be given B12, folic acid, B6, vitamin D and Omega3 combination for their health, but instead they are often given a handful of medicines that keeps them in stupor.

Naturally essential medicines need to be taken, but above all nutrition and lifestyle should be better.

For example, meeting others in groups would increase physical activity and sociality instead of passively watching TV.

The current way of not preventing problems will lead to an economic disaster due to the need for additional care resources, as there will be more and more elderly in the future and their lifestyle and nutrition is poor.