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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Super tips to increase productivity after holidays

Change into looser clothing. For men in summer loose shorts and sleeveless T-shirst to activate the skin and body flows in a better way in comparison with the normal tight clothing.

For women short and loose summer dresses that do not require belts or anything tight on the waist. Not wearing the bra is both nice (small and medium breasts) and prevents breast cancer.

From spring to autumn you should use airy and high quality sandals without socks. They are also easy to wash even in the middle of the day together with your feet and get a fresh feel at once.

It is worthwhile to bring to the workspace a kettle bell, flexibar, Gymstick, dumbbells, jumping rope or something else that is suitable for you. They can be used during calls with a good bluetooth headset, and thus get both a circulation boost and refresh muscles a few times during the day.

Afternoon drowsiness should be taken out by having an afternoon snack and then going out for a walk (preferably in the woods, alternatively at long stairs) and talk at the same time with Bluetooth.

The most sensible and the most effective (small investment) is to replace the old monitor with 3 new high definition screens (30% productivity gain), buy an e-table (electrically adjustable) with elbow pads and a two-part swinging saddle chair. These together bring about good posture, deep (oxygen-rich) breathing, better cerebral blood flow (relaxed neck muscles do not press the large veins) and better functioning of the bowel (the stomach is straight and your muscles active), not to mention relaxed shoulders, a healthy back and the genitals enjoying the new circumstances in the cool and uncompressing gap.

Ketogenic, fiber-rich diet that has lots of healthy fat helps to loose weight when the blood sugar does not go up and down because of too much carbohydrates.

With these measures it is possible to even double the work efficiency and at the same time find a new level of well-being and energy.