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Carrying things on your head has great potential

It is a good way to utilize the stairs while carrying something.

As I travel I always stride in stairs in hotels, metro and so on, to exercise my leg muscles, and carry a cabin bag (10-20 kg) on my head, balanced with one hand, two steps at a time and at a brisk speed. This way it suits well to heart rate and breathing rhythm. 8o steps (ie 40 leaps) are already a good little exercise.

Carrying things on the head develops balance and posture.

Slip something soft, such as a beanie or gloves, between hard things or bags and your head.

After little bit of training, you can also carry things down the stairs, which is also good for the front thighs.

If the bag has a solid handle it can also be used as a kettlebell or a dumbbell for biceps.

On even ground the bag can roll on its two wheels when you pull it, changing hands after a while.

You can pack all your need during even a 2-week business trip into a cabin bag of the approved size if you optimize and in winter use a thin down jacket that squeezes into a fist-sized space.

On top of the bag you can leave the clothes so that it is soft enough to be carried on the head.

It is fun to swing the bag on the head and from there to the security check counters at airports and subways (China) and throw it at stairs from one landing to another, even 10 steps at a time.

When you carry things on your head people respect you and shrink away so that there is always space for you to stride up the stairs, even in the crowded Chinese metro stations when facing the crowd coming towards you, fresh out of a train. You do not need to dodge when you just rumble up along the side the stairs with the bag on your head.

Beginners should be careful with weight. I myself got a prolapsed disk in my neck when in the early days I staggered through revolving doors carrying a 50 kg table on my head. There is a limit to what the disks can take.