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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Young children have text-neck – is there a solution?

Because of lack of awareness and good design ergonomics that damage the body is present almost everywhere.

Ergonomics refers to the position and conditions in which sensitive microvascular flow (blood and lymphatic fluid in 400,000 km network of vessels) has been severely impaired and thus the emergence of various ailments has begun.

The reasons for the weakening flow are the muscle tension coming from bad position as well as increased pressure on the joint cartilages, the compression in soft tissues caused by tight clothes, and immobility.

We sit badly in 90/90 position with rounded back for 10-16 h per day (approximately 13 h), in workstations, means of transport, restaurants, etc. In fact, sitting in the 90/90 position always results in bad posture and is therefore damaging.

Even a lot of work that is done standing at a work station happens in a bad position.

Many use unsuitable lumpy mattresses and almost all cushions press the vital blood vessels beneath the jaw that transport blood into the brain.

The common fashion and style of clothing has no sense when one’s health in concerned. Clothes are pressing, starting from the feet (tight socks and shoes), underwear almost always leaves marks on the skin. The trousers and belts press, and often the middle seam tries to ”strangle” the penis and testicles, or is pressed into the labia.

Solutions to ergonomic problems include:

Women's loose dress and no bra at least for women with small and medium-sized breasts and seamless underpants that are two sizes too big and thus leave no marks on the skin.

Men's loose trousers or shorts with no underwear and a tight belt, loose overalls with short sleeves and / or trouser legs.

An effective solution to workstation problems would be  sitting on a two-part swinging saddle chair in front of an adjustable table.

The cell phones are controlled by voice guidance to the ear via "blue tooth" and teleconferencing is done while walking.