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Is chemical control sufficient?

Information on chemical risks is irresponsibly understating, erraneous, and it lulls people into unjustified sense of security.

Hormone-disturbing chemicals weaken sperm, and cause cancer and weight gain.

During the lifespan of the next generation sperm becomes on average so weak that for a large proportion of men it is difficult or impossible to impregnate women. Hormon disturbance and sitting also degrade testosterone levels significantly, so men become more and more feminine.

More than half of Finns are overweight, and the trend is getting worse as, for example, children are becoming more obese.

In the US, 50% of men and 40% of women get cancer. We are just a little behind these figures. 39% of cancer patients die within 5 years, and many die after struggling for more than 5 years.

The EU Chemicals Agency is alarmingly weakened by lobbying and corruption by the larg-scale industry. For example, there is the highly toxic and long-lasting glyphosate (a weed killer that is used a lot in genetically manipulated production) that biochemistry and environmental researchers have for many years required to be added on the list of banned products. The EU Commission and the Chemical Safety Agency have been listening to the lobbying company Monsanto and others with a sensitive ear and no ban has been made.

Many dangerous phthalates and disphenyl derivatives are also permitted, although on chemical basis and for safety reasons they should definitely be prohibited. In addition to plastic products they are found in hundreds of products that are in contact with us.

The shocking and constant way of the Asians to add toxins and heavy metals to countless durable goods is getting better but it happens painfully slow. The EU customs authorities will only find a part of them.

It is best for a person to acquire information himself and to avoid risky products.

Regrettably, despite the various phrases and views, authority control and information can not be trusted.