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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Why is sugar bad for us?

According to an American study, during the last 30 years only the consumption of sugar has significantly increased in the western diet, and obesity has multiplied.

Obesity shortens life, increases the risks of hundreds of illnesses, and collapses endurance and self-esteem.

Sugar and fast carbohydrates increase the harmful bacteria in the intestines which addicts us to sweetness, is apparently involved in intestinal inflammations and thus also in thyroid dysfunction, weakens mental health and in the long run causes the risks of memory disorders. Alzheimer is rightly called type three diabetes.

Diabetes is going to make the public health costs explode within 10 years.

The public health in Asia's major countries will be in chaos in the next few decades, when the teenagers that lead a completely unhealthy life, hooked on mobile phones and sugar will grow up, with all their ailments and unfit bodies.

It is dangerous that public health inspectors allow sugar additions to almost all "salty" industrial and ready-made foods. To confuse people even more, sugar is sold over 50 different names. Only real experts will recognize all the different varied sugars' names. Sugar is added because it is cheap and makes people eat more of the product.

The most dangerous is fruit sugar (= fructose, modified corn starch, etc.) because only the liver can break it and the energy coming from it causes fatty liver, just like alcohol. In the Western countries it is quite common to see overweight children with fatty liver (like old drunks). Responsible and knowledgeable doctors are terrified of this.

Children always have worse sugar eating habits than their parents at the same age, and it shows.

The sugar industry recruits and corrupts nutrition researchers and public health practitioners to speak irresponsibly on behalf of sugar, also in Finland.