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Why the male reproductivity is declining

The fact is that masculinity has weakened. There are at least the following reasons:

The fact is that masculinity has weakened. There are at least the following reasons:

Sitting has increased tremendously. The effects of active sitting on metabolism and vascular condition have been studied. A less researched factor is that it also has a great effect on genital health, because when sitting on a traditional chair all vessels are severely pressed between the chair and the pubic bone. Subconsciously the man tries to avoid the resulting discomfort by keeping his hips tilted backward, which, however, does not work properly but causes back problems.

A good solution to this problem is a two-part swinging saddle chair and clothes, also underwear, that are loose around the pelvis. It would be even better to wear no underwear at all.

Other things weakening masculinity nowadays are all hormone-disturbing chemicals that most often damage the male's initial development already during the first weeks in the uterus.

Obviously, testosterone and its diminishing amount have to do with the matter. The saddle chair is a great cure also fot that, in addidtion for exercise (strength training!) and healthy lifestyle.

Unfortunately, "manhood" and masculinity are declinig globaly in the indsutrialized countries, which is very alarming.

One thing cousing the problem is microplastic that is spreading everywhere, because molecules that come off it have an effect on reproductive health.

As a way of avoiding microplastic and other hormone-disturbing sources, it is necessary to avoid seafood, all chemicals generally also at home and eat domestic organic food produced without chemical additives.

The same recipe is also suitable for women who are planning to have children.