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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Women need to be aware of the lymphatic flow in the pelvic region, disturbances predispose to ailments

It is very common nowadays to see people who have swollen legs and who have visibly accumulated extra liquid in their pelvic region; this often happen as early as in their 40’s. Poor fluid circulation is involved in several syndromes, or it might even be the main reason for them.

In my understanding, the poor lymphatic circulation in the female pelvic region is due to the following matters, in this order:

  1. Tight ie. normal clothes. Most of the commonly used long pants, belts, underwear and tights are destructive to the abdominal lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes that are extremely sensitive to pressure. The impact can be as much as 16 h / day. The solution is to use really loose clothes, e.g. the fashionable loose and sleeveless jumpsuits. Underwear should be two sizes too large and seamless. All clothes that leave marks on the skin during the day are harmful to lymph and blood circulation.
  2. Too much sitting in a traditional chair. The vessels in front of the pelvis and behind it are blocked when sitting in 90-degree angle, and the tightness of the muscles makes the situation worse. Sitting also causes pressure on the pelvic floor, and the pressure spreads inside the pelvic bowl. It is no coincidence that the internal pelvic organs are so prone to disease. This can be helped by sitting on a two-part moving saddle chair and standing for 10-30% of the work time.
  3. Lack of movement. Movement should be added into the work day; this is a crucial point in our sitting concept. I recommend the Sit & swing, Roll & reach, Walk & talk and Work & gym methods.
  4. Subcutaneous and mostly invisible pregnancy scars in the lower abdomen and pelvic region. I recommend massage for the connective tissues for ten times (subcutaneous tissues strongly stretched), in which these formations can be "torn" open. The result is like a fairytale.
  5. Finally, a slower way is to “clean” the connective tissue, to make it more flexible and thus more functional in terms of liquid circulation. Lymphatic vessels are for the most part in the connective tissue, so its flexibility is vital for the flow. Raising the pH of the body, and cleaning the body of waste with the help of healthy lifestyle, natural therapy and the right nutrients, also helps circulation.