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Can you prevent flu?

Vessi\\\'s effective ways to prevent flu

There are good ways to prevent flu and other common inflammatory diseases.

Doctors have astonishingly bad knowledge of flu prevention.

It's totally about immune defense. If the body's defense systems are fine, they can eliminate all pathogens that come via lungs, intestines, and skin, as well as the dying and defective cells produced by humans (some of them may be reproductive and thus cause cancer).

Most of the immune defense (8 different) cells are generated in the intestine. Thus, the high amount of fiber, the amounts of intestinal-healthy nutrients (Zn, Mg, vitamin D 125 mcg, prebiotics) and intestinal-unhealthy substances (sugar, chemicals, bad fats, refined starchy grains, alcohol) are decisive.

With high fiber (50 g / 1000 kcal), the bowel flow is also naturally healthy and sufficient. A fairly reliable indications of this are two large, comfortably soft feces per day, intestinal that is feeling healthy, and an anus that doesn’t hurt when washed and touched.

To develep into its full force immune defense also needs a happy mind, daily exercise, and good sleep. If you have inflammations in the body (gums, genitals, joints, blood vessels, intestines, in large amounts of fat), they immediately strain the immune defense and therefore less resources are available to combat the pathogens.

People can temporarily make their resistance collapse because of stress (physical over-excitation, eating too much, having a bad cold, severe stress, not sleeping enough), and then they get the flu easily.

Those who have a good immune response do not get flu for years, or if they get sick, the flu will be mild and short-lived.

Those with poor health have several flus every year.