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The many effects of folic acid

Folic acid has many benefits.

Mothers should always eat at least 800 mcg folic acid per day. Folic acid, in combination with vitamins B12 and B6, is an effective inhibitor of memory disorders. Memory diseases develop over decades. But already before that, however, the brain is slow and the remembering is difficult at times. This does not make one productive at work.

In Finland the folic acid recommendation is too low, ie 300 mcg. On the average Finns get about 250 mcg of folic acid from food. In most European countries the recommendation is 400 mcg. Only in England the recommendation is enough for good health, 800 mcg, which is "carried out" by adding folic acid to flour.

With these actions, England is the only country in the EU where the amount of memory disorders is declining. Elsewhere, the amount is steadily rising and leading to a medical expenses disaster. After 20 years we can have more than one million people suffering from memory disorders, and those taking care of the sufferers.

In Finland, all nutrition recommendations are too low and public health is deteriorating. The biggest deficiency in general nutrition is of vitamin D, selenium, magnesium, chromium, iodine, copper and zinc.

Malnutrition is just stupid and makes people ill. Domestic animals are given unheated and untreated full-fodder, and yet a large amount of nutritional supplements. Livestock farmers know that without them the morbidity rate will increase immediately. People’s malnutrition will only benefit the salespersons for pharmaceuticals.

For the most part people's food is made of refined or processed ingredients. In addition, the food comes from artificial-soil greenhouses or from old and depleted fields where micro-nutrients are very scarce.

In addition, crops weakened by the lack of nutrients are protected by mold and weed killers and insecticides; and we part of the residues.

The body tries to make 3 500 biochemicals every day out of about 30 nutrients. Nutrition deficiency means that some of the 30 cannot be made.

It is foolish to say that one can get an overdose of nutrients, but even apporiate medication is dangerous and kills, for example, in the USA, twice the amount of people killed by traffic.