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  Is gaining weight evitable?

When I travel around the world, I cannot help noticing the global weight gain.

It is combined with a strong increase in sugar consumption in almost every country. The global industry makes "delicacies" rich in starch and sugar, and fast / junk food, which has become virtually the basic food, and the weight gain is inevitable, especially when combined with sugary or alcoholic drinks.

For example, if we look at golfers in southern Europe (mostly tourists, maybe a third of them Spaniards), more than 90% are overweight. In China and India, in particular, people are getting fatter quickly. The situation is the same in South America. England and USA are already lost cases. The Scandinavians stopped being slim during the last 20 years. One third of the children in Finland are overweight and the proportion is rising. More than half of the politicians are overweight.

The industry for sugar-based junk food has an effective lobbying program that involves recruiting nutrition specialists in different countries. In Finland, too, we have a professor who speaks warmly about eating sugar.

Obesity should be viewed in 50-year-old age group. With good lifestyles, only a small minority of them have been able to keep slim and in good shape. The rest are going to face a grim old age with a variety of obesity diseases, melancholy, and various memory disorders.

Eating recommendations do not work for one clear reason: They contain so much carbohydrates that the bacteria in the stomach starts favouring carbohydrates and craving all the time more of them. Therefore, it is so easy to eat too much bread, sweets and delicacies because there are trillions of bacteria in the intestines shouting for more.

Low carbohydrate food or ketogenic diet (good fat 40-70% of the energy, lots of vegetables and fibers) are those who work. In addition, a lot of fiber (50 g / 1000 kcal) and a firm amount of good nutritional supplements (in the same way livestock is fed) keep away the lust for food that is due to nutrition deficiency.