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Do we need Magnesium supplements?

It is true that exstra Mg is not needed if your diet is sufficiently versatile.

If you eat versatile and pure organic food at 3000 kcal / day, without any processed products, and if your intestine is 100% okay, your Mg level may also be okay.

But, this is true for hardly anybody. Therefore, taking Mg is an excellent, cheap, and effective nutritional protective measure.

Finns have Mg deficiency, it has been proved in studies.

It is really stupid to maintain Mg deficiency. It has so varied and serious effects on countless vital functions.

Most of the moody and depressed Finns would get better if they added a lot of Mg and other nutrients (eg Omega3) in their diets.

In Finland, as in other countries as well, the pharmaceutical and medical care sector have created with great resources an alternative truth according to which no prevention or supplementary nutrition is needed, and using medicinal plants and superfoods is just silly.

This is because finding and experimenting with healthy lifestyles really reduce illnesses, and the health care cluster obviously does not want this because it gets its income from illnesses.

It is a disgrace that in schools and elsewhere in our society the people are hardly at all trained in good health knowledge and methods. So lazy and fat people are suffering from a large number of various preventable ailments, without noticing it themselves.

The "fattening" (= lobbying, legal, or illegal i.e. corruption) in the pharmaceutical industry in Finland is a business worth about 300 million euros. Yes, with that kind of money, many people can be made to think that Mg is not worth taking.