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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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What is the reason for back pains and how to cure and prevent them

There is one overwhelming reason for back pain: sitting in a bad posture.

We all sit almost 10-15 hours a day. In a normal chair the position should be 90/90, but in reality it is C-90, where C stands for a rounded back. It is almost impossible to maintain a 90 degree angle in the pelvis because of the numerous muscles, ligaments and bones that prevent it. That way, the back is arched and many bad things start happening.

The disks are pressed asymmetrically on one side, which easily begins to build a prolapse i.e. painful herniation.

The facet joints of the back that lean against each other open so that their vertebral support disappears and they will not carry the weight of the upper body any more (they normally carry 30 % of the weight). Thus, the unevenly distributed pressure on the disk increases by the same amount.

Back muscles tighten and stretch, making their relaxation disappear and movement and circulation slowen. This way, the lower back begins to suffer from the lack of oxygen and nutrients. The ligaments, disks and bones do not have any blood circulation, so the blood vessels in the muscles nourish all tissues in the area. In the absence of oxygen and nutrients, all the lower back tissues that already are in an awkward situation begin to deteriorate faster. This is particularly emphasized in the health of the L4-L5 disk that will deteriorate first, because there are no vertebral arteries around the disk L5 that would bring blood to it from the large main artery in the abdomen.

One source of pain is also the cartilage surface in the facet joints that starts to deteriorate when they are not used and reveal the bone surfaces that then occasionally rub painfully against each other. When the disk atrophies the nerve channel between the vertebrae becomes too narrow and presses the nerve.

An effective way to prevent the whole problem and pain, and even to cure it, is a two-part, high-quality saddle chair on which the posture is good and activity that triggers circulation is on a safe level.