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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Is measuring one’s health sensible?

Measuring and tracking devices are, of course, a good thing, but only when you have some health issues and are actively trying to fix them.

But if a person cannot or doesn’t want to (unfortunately a lot of people are like that) repair his health behavior, why measure and increase stress?

Unfortunately, we have a large and growing number of people for whom continuous measurement has become an obsession or an addiction, in addition to other addictions (e.g. social media, internet, sugar, intoxicants, playing games, TV series, porn, violence).

Measuring and the use of measuring devices are, of course, the business of different manufacturers and their desire is to engage as many customers as possible for a long time, preferably for the rest of their lives; the same way people are taking drugs all their lives. The resulting long-term customer relationship is, of course, the most profitable for the manufacturer.

A knowledgeable, advanced and free person should think and consider critically why healthy and functional bodily functions should be constantly measured.

On the other hand, different portable or laboratory-like measuring devices that are already enjoyable for personal use and homes are great for people to get better information about their health problems and to start medical care already, with online information from various sources.

The pharmaceutical industry, doctors and clinics hate this trend, as it speeds up and improves prevention and treatment of the basic causes of diseases; this is just the opposite the health care cluster is aiming at, as their easiest income comes form chronically ill people.