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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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How to prevent skin pproblems in vulva

The best preventive measure is to wear a skirt or dress and sit on a two-part saddle chair.

This way the airiness in the vulva area increases dramatically, which means that it becomes almost full-time.

Further, if you choose a swinging model the additional movement in the lower back and hip muscles increases the blood and lymph flow in the pelvic area and brings there protective cells of the immune system, nutrients and oxygen; together they improve immunity and the wellbeing of all tissues.

If you do not like skirts, you can wear thin and light leggings that do not press, and a loose blouse or tunic that is not under the buttocks whey you sit. This way the ventilation works well in the vulva area when it is covered only by leggings and panties, and not bathed in the chair paddings as usual.

The saddle chair also brings about a good posture and a healthy back, deeper breathing, better blood flow to the head and thus better brain health, and faster working intestine when the core muscles help forward the intestinal contents.