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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Bacterial measurements often have a perceptual error

There highest readings would be from the soil in the garden, or next to a cowhouse. Children who grow in these kind of environments are the healthiest.

At the same time, we hate bacteria and keep saying that our habitat is too sterile to make us resistant.

One can get rid of bacterial and viral infections by making sure that their immune response is okay, meaning that it will take care of the pathogens that enter the body orally, or through breathing and skin contact.

This is accomplished by treating the health of our intestine well. It produces human immune cells that then patrol the bloodstream and lymph nodes and kill pathogens.

A large number of protective cells are obtained by giving the bacteria making them in the intestine a wide variety of good fibers (approx. 10 different kinds, 50-100 g / day, which is 5 x more than usual), eating only little fast carbohydrates and substances dangerous to the intestine (additives, antibiotics, pain killers), and sleeping enough and well.

The optimal, i.e. fast, intestinal activity also needs an upright sitting posture and active abdominal muscles – in other words a two-part swinging saddle chair, and a table and monitors that are correctly adjusted.

A good and very important fluid circulation in the micro vessels is obtained by using loose clothes and moving regularly during sitting.

In addition to nutritious food, one needs nutritional supplements such as at least Vitamin D 125 mcg, Omega3 1-2 g, and twice the amount of the recommended dose of multimineral-vitamin.

This way, the smart optimize their lifestyle, remain energetic and productive throughout the work day, and easily avoid sick leaves.