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There are ways to prevent hemorrhoids effectively

Intestinal care is poorly understood.

Hemorrhoids, which often occur with other intestinal disorders, are one of the most common health problems. In the western countries laxatives are used in massive amounts, which tells about a big problem.

The excrement that stays too long at the end of intestine irritates and destroys the inner wall of the intestine, the epidermis, causing inflammation. That is an essential factor for the very general cancers of the lower end of the colon, and rectum.

Constipation is caused mainly by the normal, i.e. slouched, sitting position, that can not be avoided easily on a traditional chair. It makes sense to sit on a swinging, high-quality, two-part saddle chair, which keeps the body straight, the stomach muscles that massage the intestines active, and allows the own active reflex-like peristaltic motion of the intestine, which "squeezes" the intestinal contents forward.

We eat fiber about 13 g / day, but we should eat 50 g / 1000 kcal, which is many times more, to guarantee good intestinal health and overall well-being. Such a large increase will change our entire diet in a much healthier direction. The most healthy are vegetables that contain a lot of fiber and fat, such as seeds (soaked and blended with fruits and berries), nuts and beans, one of the best being the lentils.

Berries contain a huge amount of protective nutrients, as well as fiber that speeds up the intestinal activity. Eat berries 2 to 4 dl / day, soaked and blended so that the protective nutrients of the seeds can also be utilized.

Drinking water, i.e. preventing dehydration, and a fair amount of healthy cold-pressed oils (not rapeseed) also helps the bowel to function.

Do not use wet wipes for washing. Wash well with a bidet shower; that cleans and gives a good feeling.