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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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How can an entreprenuer stay energetic and healthy?

This story is familiar and often repeated: the entrepreneur does not know how to maintain his wellbeing

Women get tired more often than men because they are more emotional, more holistic and more caring.

One’s own well-being is the most important thing for an entrepreneur. So many entrepreneurs with wmall companies are constantly tired, barely coping in the competition. Then they get sick or finish their careers early because they are totally burn out.

With wise self-care things could, even in demanding conditions, be quite different.

The key is to fight stress, and secondly, to care for the brain and keep it in good shape. That is the basis for the ability to work and mental wellbeing.

Sleep is of course the most important thing. Relaxing, regular evening routines without electronic devices and thinking about work should start 1-2 hours before going to bed at 10-11 pm. The hours of deep sleep before 3 am are crucial. The stress hormones (adrenaline, cortisol) gathered during the day must be burned out before falling asleep.

Relaxing and refreshing exercise must be arranged for at least 5 hours during the week.

Also silence, calming music, listening to silence and being in nature are needed.

Ergonomics-wise what is needed is an electric table, a two-part swinging saddle chair, good IT and loose clothes, as well as prevention from noise and rush.

The entrepreneur's brain is under a lot of stress. The key to brain maintenance is to eliminate overload. You should protect your brain by eating Omega3 2 g / day, vitamin D 150 mcg, strong multi-vitamin B, B12 and folic acid 1 mg and also phospholipids.

Thyroid health is central to self-care. It needs 200 mcg ioduim (I), Zn 20 mg, Cu2 mg, and Mg 400 and stress management.

Self-care and well-being should be learned by yourself and you should consult the best sources; knowledge is fragmented on different sites. The average public health recommendations are not nearly enough.

These skills should be included in entrepreneurship education.