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What to do with a child that hits other children at school

The most probable reason for this kind of behavior is their circumstances at home.

In most cases fixing the child’s brain chemistry would be helpful.

Studies show that behind disruptive behavior there is almost always a lot of violent entertainment, too little sleep and at wrong time, constant noise and lack of nutrients especially essential to the brain, and exposure to chemicals in additives.

There can also be alcohol abuse at home, and insecurity or violence resulting from that.

All these together will certainly mess up the child’s brain chemistry. For some, these poor health conditions cause depression, for almost all learning disabilities and anxiety (ADHD!), and in many cases violent behavior.

Poor security, i.e. the prevalence of bullying, in schools and the lax handling of it add to the violent behavior.

Another thing to be repaired is the school ergonomics. Everyone knows and remembers how uncomfortable (and thus unhealthy) the usual plywood furniture is and what kind of poor posture it causes. Writhing and the constant search for a better position make one feel even worse. A quickly adjustable desk and a saddle chair would be only slightly more expensive, but would help the child to be upright, improve the atmosphere and well-being of the body, and thus also improve the learning results.

Contemporary culture does not easily recognize the problems resulting from our lifestyle, but we are easily taking children to expensive and inefficient treatments and therapies.

For some reason, going to homes, seeing how healthy the child's living environment is, discussing with the parents and together solving the problems is a huge problem for society, although in most cases it would solve the problem, or at least help coping with it.

Unfortunately, the helplessness in problem-solving has spread also to the school environment. However, it would be rather easy to improve the situation.