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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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More vitamin D needed than Finnish National Institute of Health and Welfare (THL) recommends

It is unbelievable that THL continues to issue recommendations that are contrary to studies, experience and common sense. Why? Whose agenda is THL promoting?

Fortunately, according to all comments, the Finns have learnt to take good quantities.

Many have already realized that the amount of vitamin D in blood should be 120-150 nmol / l, for a healthy person to reach the optimum level. The amount should be 150-200 nmol / l for cancer patients and risk groups. An acquaintance of mine was cured from lymphoma surprisingly quickly, to his doctor’s astonishment, when raising the vitamin D level to 200.

In our firm the employer gives 100-125 mcg vitamin D pills to all employees and that produces better results in preventing flu than vaccinations. There are very few sick leaves in the company. Seniors also need higher levels to fight diseases.

A Finnish expert doctor has estimated that if all Finns had their vitamin D level at 150 nmol / L, the sales of drugs would decrease by maybe a billion from the current 2.7 billion. This is probably the reason for low recommendations. Side effects begin only after 400 nmol / l.

I took 125 mcg for a few years, but raised the amount to 250 mcg last winter. Now my blood is at the target level, i.e. at about 180 nmol, and I’m going to keep it there, too. I haven’t had any sick days.

Vitamin D is actually a steroid hormone that affects the functioning of more than 1000 genes. There are more than 12 000 studies worldwide that are unequivocally in favor of sunbathing values, i.e. 120-200 nmol / l.

It is sad that the official recommendations do not really any more support the public welfare. The reasons for THL's incomprehensible operations should be investigated.