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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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A lot of writers twist the facts when writing about health issues

Readers are really deceived in many ways. One way is to use so called research data.

Professor Kötzche, who is an expert in drug supervision, shows in his book "Lethal Drugs and Organized Crime" (2014) many examples of how the pharmaceutical industry fools even the authorities with manipulated surveys.

Also, studies commissioned by the food industry often give different results from those made by neutral parties. Thus, in addition to checking the scientific facts one also needs to check who made and funded the research – very complicated and difficult.

When talking about health we are also talking about enormous sums of money. The turnover of global pharmaceutical industry is approx. 5,000 billion. More than 90 per cent is shared by one or two faceless supranational giant companies.

They are only interested in making money, not in human health or benefits, because the owners want the maximum return. It is also what they receive. The profitability of pharmaceutical companies, on average, is more than three times more than that of other major (S & P 500, the 500 largest in the United States) companies.

The pharmaceutical industry uses money with no regrets to "greasing" (a term used by the industry itself), to promote positive attitude towards drugs by research, authorities and educational channels.

Part of the money, of course, is directed to discredit natural medicine and other health maintaining substances (such as vitamin D, antioxidants).

The pharmaceutical industry also supports generously leading physicians, their associations, patients' organizations and research pleasing to them, and, of course, not without compensation.

Pharmaceutical industry is aiming to grow their sales by 5-10 % (in Finland, now 2.8 billion), and will not accept any public healthcare or administrative actions that would jeopardize this. For this reason, almost one hundred per cent of health budgets goes to medical care and the preventive measures are left only with crumbs, even though preventive medicine would cure health at a much lower price.

Because of this the great power media is usually quite humble in front of the interests of the pharmaceutical industry, which demonstrably reduces the spreading of correct information and freedom of speech.