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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Get rid of bad sleeping habits

Sleep deficiency is common but one seldom sees instructions on how to help the situation.


Few people know how to get rid of bad sleeping habits. Also few people know how to develop their sleep. Here are some valuable tips:

Fall asleep before 22 pm or at the latest before 23. Then your will sleep will coincide with the peak of melatonin hormone production and you will benefit more from sleeping.

Keep your bedroom air fresh with ventilation or have a window open all night. The sleeper needs 6 l / sec clean air. Foul-smelling air tells that the air is rich with gaseous poo, excreted from the body. Who would like to breathe that? Ventilating the room in the evening is not enough.

Electricity should be shut down in the bedroom, including chargers and other electronical devices. The radiation and magnetic fields coming from them will weaken the sleep for sure.

Do not use clothes. Each rag causes harmful fluid circulation deficiency when you are turning about.

Relax yourself in the evening by reading, light exercise, sauna, handicraft, socializing, sex, etc. These take away stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline) and create a good and safe feeling. Do not be stupid and use your laptop in bed, or watch scary movies.

Do not allow children, pets or even your partner into your bed, for anything else than a good night hug. Sleepers disturb each other, because we change the position of 20-50 times per night.

During light summer nights use shutters that make the room pitch black. Even the smallest lightness destroys your deep sleep; at least 2.5 hours of that is needed to maintain good mental health. Slipping from this amount makes a bad dip in mental health in spring and summer in Finland.

Do not let your adolescents sleep the way they want, which is usually badly. Take your responsibility as a parent and fix the sleeping habits of your children too.

Take the (most important health factor) quantity and quality of sleep seriously. Treasure your sleep and develop it into a good level (you wake up refreshed) so your quality of life and joy will reach a new level too.