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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Regional health inequalities in Finland

When we began to add selenium to fertilizers in Finland, the entire population´s heart health began to improve rapidly.

The North Karelia Project was incorrectly merited for the improvement, although the trend was the same everywhere. Interestingly, the boundaries of the healthier regions follow the outlines of current cultivated fields that used to be the sea bottom, and that are rich in clay soil.

Because of these fine minerals, the mineral content of the plants is also higher and people who eat them get more magnesium and selenium. A widespread and dangerous selenium deficiency has been found in Finland. Without selenium supplementation cattle get sick almost certainly. Why would people be immune?

Better heart health in the coast is further largely explained by the fact that people eat a lot of fish and thus get more Omega 3 fats and vitamin D.

Smart people understand this and use healthy and safe amounts of selenium (200 mcg / day, intake from food 50), magnesium 2 x 300 mg, Omega-3 1 g, and vitamin D 100 mcg.

Foolish and uneducated who fail to do so, will be sick more often.