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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
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Prostate cancer caused by sitting pressure

There are hundreds of thousands of Finnish men that are either suffering from prostate cancer, are cured from it, or are in the risk group. This is a real emergency.

The official medicine has not been able / wanted to explain what causes this most common cancer. It is known that before the onset of cancer the PSA value has increased and the prostate is larger than the healthy 10 g size, sometimes several times that. Young men rarely get sick.

It has now been found out that this type of cancer is largely caused by sitting pressure. Men who work standing suffer all the time less from this dreaded disease, and men who sit all the time have more of it. E.g. the taxi drivers in Beijing who sit in their cars almost all the time have prostate cancer twice more as the other men in the same city, even though they also sit a lot.

When we are sitting the chair padding will push a pressure field through the pelvic canal between the sitting bones into the pelvic bowl, where the prostate gland is the closest organ. The pressure field prevents the normal blood and lymph flow. This increases the risk of getting cancer the most.

About 47 % of all men’s cancers occur in the organs (prostate, bladder, rectum, part of the colon) inside the pelvic bowl (its capacity is less than 1 litre). The pelvic bowl is a huge concentration of cancer. The only special risk factor is long-term sitting and its impact on the vital circulation.

Preventive and even effective treatment is to use loose clothing (baggy trousers, boxer shorts or preferably without underwear), and to sit on a two-part chair. Numerous experiments have shown that pelvic pressure, irritation of the prostate and thus its size reduce, and the PSA value drops.

It iss also reasonable to have one’s vitamin D level to 150 nmol / L, and also to take selenium, zinc, copper and magnesium as supplement. Some medicinal plants also help.

These instructions are not given by doctors because they do not know them or do not dare to recommend. Prostate patients are a large customer group for cancer drugs industry; making of these drugs costs a couple or euros but they are sold for thousands.