Can the collapse of children’s fitness be avoided?

There are clear reasons for children’s immobility, and therefore development measures are also known.

Junk food addiction is common in children. This increases weight and decreases energy, so they move even less.

On farms, children are often completely away from work. Even there, the children could reasonably have chores that would become outdoor exercise. Similarly, in  houses you could at least do household chores and garden work.

A healthy child could perfectly ride a 45-minute ride, i.e. 12 km, to school, but the bike should be good.

Schools should have encouraging (not a lot of competitions) exercise every day, which according to research would also improve learning results. School yards should have attractive exercise areas, which, together with the outdoor park and school-time phone park, would certainly increase exercise. In the afternoons, sports clubs are needed in schools after a healthy snack.

Society could demand more action from sports clubs to get children moving in addition to competitive sports, in return for subsidies.

Chilkdren’s bad sleeping habits  that are allowed by parents produce fatigue and of course a reluctance to move.

The worst killer of exercise is internet addiction, which only gets worse if schools and parents allow unrestricted phone use.

Currently, children’s fitness, exercise skills and weight development are leading to a complete health disaster. Collapsing fitness also weakens intelligence and mental alertness and weakens future career development.

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