How to reduce musculo-skeletal problems

The number of people going on disability pension in Finland, approx. 18,000, is a scary figure compared to the approx. 40,000 children born per year. It’s no wonder that our productivity is falling, the labor market is lacking workers and medical expenses are getting out of hand. This development is of course completely unsustainable.

It would be super important to be able to keep people able to work and active until at least the age of 65. This cannot be achieved with medical treatment, but with preventive measures.

Musculo-skeletal ailments and diseases would be the easiest to prevent with the combined effect of many methods. A sedentary lifestyle combined with poor ergonomics is the biggest factor in most back, hip and knee problems. We are talking about sitting-related ailments, which develop in total over 30 different types as a result of bad sitting, i.e. the usual 90/90 degree angles in hips and knees.

Sitting on a swinging, anatomically designed saddle chair with a middle gap, elbows supported on both sides of the body on soft pads, and looking only slightly downwards at the quality monitors that are at just the right distance, would eliminate a large number of risk factors.

For drivers, this 90/90 seat in a wobbly or vibrating cab is a very big trigger for discomfort. The drivers’ seats should also be changed to high-quality saddle chairs as soon as possible for posture and body control, and the controls should be repositioned more sensibly.

Sedentary ailments also include many ailments of the pelvic floor and inner pelvis, which arise due to long-term tissue pressure. A middle gap in the seat and loose clothing also have a strong preventive effect on these.

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