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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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The benefits of physical activity

The preventive health policy should be drawn up to favor physical activities.

There are various ways to do that.

Sports facilities should favor specifically health exercise, be versatile and tidy. More bike paths should be made so that people could bike safely everywhere.

Staircases should be the number one way to go upstairs and downstairs. If they are comfortable, and the closest, many would choose them, especially if the lift is far away, at the end of the corridor.

Parking should be in car parks away from the work place, so that there would be more steps from the car to work.

Parents should educate their children to get to school on their own, instead of using their mothers as taxi drivers.

It would be really important to make sports education at school happy and social, and to aim at fun and active time spent together, also in mixed groups. Sports education should also concentrate on teaching new techniques for new sports in a motivating way, and not just on competing and measuring results.

An effective program should be used to stop children’s weight-gaining diet, because fat children do not want to move.

The opposite of physical activity is very unhealthy immobility, into which the immature office and school culture and customs continue to force us.

The new health ergonomics (two-part swinging saddle chair and quickly adjustable desk) gives movement to the body (swinging, rolling), and it is easier to get up to walk (walk + talk).

There could and should also be kettlebells, dumbbells, etc. at work places and in school so that people could use them silently and without disturbing others to stimulate the muscles. Thus the growth of the brain nerve growth factor would also enhance the activity of the brain.

So there is an effective and certainly more productive option for the immobile sitting culture if the decision makers just have the vision to put it into practice.