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Age Related Attitude and Brain Degeneration Syndrome

Martin Saarikangas’ experience of Donald Trump, mentioned in Finnish newspapers, dates 20 years back. 20 years means a lot at that age.

People are not able to take into account that as they age, and because of other harmful factors, the brain degenerate, which will change thinking and personality.

We have noticed this change also in Vladimir Putin's speeches, attitudes and deeds.

Degeneration of the brain is called in psychiatry ARABDES (Age Related Attitude and Brain Degeneration Syndrome). Almost all who live into the old age will experience it, milder or stronger, sooner or later.

The problem is that because of the brain-unhealthy lifestyle ARABDES can occur in early middle age. We see that people tend to get stuck in their attitudes, reminisce old things, loose the ability to listen to others, become impatient, not to learn new things any more, and become stubborn. All these are characteristic to ARABDES. Therefore, it is important to always look at the person's capability in the present day, and not remember how they used to be.

Stress, high blood sugar (obesity), high blood pressure, even minor (i.e. very common) shortcomings in important brain nutrients, lack of exercise, inflammations in the intestine, harmful substances transported into the brain etc. make brain deterioration happen faster.

This phenomenon is poorly understood and recognized when key personnel is hired to management positions. Accordingly, there are often disappointments. A person who made a significant career is no longer able to renew but keeps going along old and increasingly narrower tracks. There are a lot of examples of this.