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Veli-Jussi Jalkanen,
Sitting Health Expert

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Is it good to add rye to smoothies?

Of course, rye as a fiber-rich cereal is better than wheat, but but ...

It too contains quite a lot of starchy carbs, to which surprisingly many have been exposed without knowing.

Swollen belly, formation of gas and irritated, i.e. inflamed, intestine wall – syndrome can also be maintained by eating a lot of rye.

Harmful bacteria live well also by rye, especially if the food contains fast carbs such as wheat and sugar in various forms (approx. 40 trade names).

Harmful bacteria predisposes one not only to IBS but also to hypothyroidism, inflammation of the hundreds of millions of intestinal nerve cells, etc.

Therefore, use rye only very moderately and listen carefully to your stomach.

Better than rye for smoothies are different swollen, i.e. soaked, oil-containing seeds, unsweetened berries, fruits and green vegetables.

In addition, I also recommend a some health spice such as turmeric, cinnamon and ginger, which have a huge impact on health.

A dollop of cold-pressed olive / linen / kamelina / hemp / avocado health of oil completes the taste and effect.

A couple of large glasses of high quality smoothie a day is already a good basis for the health of the important intestine, our second brain, which is in this modern age becoming increasingly scarce.