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Will proteins make you lose weight?

British researchers have found out why protein-rich diet can help in losing weight.

The pharmaceutical industry is obviously excited about developing drugs and making doctors market them on their behalf.

Now we need to also note that food that rich in protein is also rich in fat. We know with certainty that good fats (MCT-fats, 6-12 carbon atoms, or cold-pressed flax, coconut, olive etc. oils) are effective in losing weight.

Without a doubt, because of the recent discovery a vaccine will be made, and one will be forced to take a positive approach to it if they don’t want to be labelled as an anti-vaccination person.

Researchers have now found a solution to the phenomenon that the health-conscious have known for decades.

Again, this is hitting nails into the coffin of low-fat and carbohydrate-rich diet theory, because of which there are two million obese people in Finland, a terrible amount of suffering and costs, into such extent that it effects the national productivity.

It is high time to make those health leaders and scholars responsible, who, as messenger boys for the pharmaceutical industry, spread the wrong fat and cholesterol doctrine that lead into catastrophic results in national health.