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Teachers get exhausted in their work

Background: Finnish newspaper article by an exhausted teacher.

The situation and the statement of the teacher reflects in a sad way the confusion and incapability of our schools and the whole society. The bad lifestyle at home makes pupils tired, bullying and ill-focused, and poor upbringing lets this erupt as anti-social behavior, also in school. I feel sorry for the under-educated teachers struggling in that battlefield.

It is inconceivable that the investigated disciplines such as social psychology, teamwork and group dynamics have been left out from the teachers’ studies. Teacher studies should urgently be modernized and they should be supported by additional education. Also the obviously foolish and in-expert persons who plan the teacher studies should be changed without delay.

Restlessness in schools is also caused by poor ergonomics, which is proven to cause bad posture, tiredness and uncomfortableness. Height-adjustable tables and saddle chairs would remove this problem, according to a Finnish doctoral research.

Schools should have a clearly more assertive system, and a culture of safety and community that is really thought-out and made known to everybody, and that is actively maintained. E.g. pupils must not be allowed to leave the school premises between classes to buy candy, and mobile phones are switched off when they are not needed to access the internet as a part of studying.  

Our society should be able to guide families through fundamentally reformed maternity clinics to maintain the mental health of the growing child: they must have good night's sleep, a reasonable bedtime, brain-healthy food, entertainment suitable for their age, sufficient amount of exercise which for children is a lot, and soothing silence at times.

This question is part of a large emphasis on preventive health care that the society should be immediately install to prevent uncontrollably growing morbidity rate and the astronomical costs it will cause.